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We will SOON be carrying a variety of
1800s inlaid & carved antique tables!
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Domestic Shipping:
We are responsible for shipping all cues purchased and will insure the value of purchase, Fed Ex two-day with insurance. There will be an up charge to ship next day or other carrier. We will not cover any problems if you choose to not insure the cue for the value of cue purchase. We need a confirmation via email.
International Shipping:
Done by U.S. post office express, we will ship the cue at full value and declare full value for insurance purposes. If you choose to request lesser amount for any reason, we will only be responsible for the value asked to claim on customs form. Any and all exotic species that are asked to be shipped, the importer (receiver) takes full responsibility for, and will require that you tell us how to declare in email and will consider that a binding contract.
Shipping to Cornerstone:
You are responsible to insure it for full value of the cue. We do not accept natural material on cues as importer (receiver) into the U.S., and you must state that there is natural material as part of your trade or sale!
Thank you,
The Cornerstone team!

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