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We will SOON be carrying a variety of
1800s inlaid & carved antique tables!
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Returns Policy
All items received will have a 100% return policy within 48 hrs, providing that they are returned in same condition.
Chalking an un-chalked cue automatically constitutes a 15% charge of the price of the cue.
All others returns are on an individual basis.

Trade-Up Policy
A 100% trade-up policy is Our Policy!
As long as the cue is not altered, damaged, or neglected, 100% will be added to the purchase of an Upgraded cue less shipping. Receipt MUST be included with trade-in.
We will give you full trade, full trade purchase price on your cue purchased from us (less shipping), but must be traded in on a single (1) cue, not 2 or 3 of lesser value in trade on your single cue. Also, the cue cannot be sold to another party during the duration between sale from us and the trade back in, or put on the open market (i.e., Ebay, Billiards forums, Craigslist, ect.) without giving us the opportunitiy first, or the price will be set by the lowest price asked on the open market by owner.
Consignment cues do not apply. Please ask if the cue you are interested in is consignment!
This helps you keep moving up your collection without large out of pocket expenses.
(This policy does not apply to dealers.)
Thank you!
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