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There is a collaboration of the finest artist in the billiard industry. This cue was started in 2009 by Art Cantando and designed arrow heads being launched off the tips of the ivory points, and ivory veneer long points. The swords were made with silver and gold! The cue was sent to Sandra Brady to have the spartan scrimshaw design and proclaimed as some of her finest work! While she was working on it, Arthur (regretfully) passed away leaving his biggest cue unfinished!! Barry Szamboti (his mentor and best friend) stepped up and said he would finish the cue by applying the finish wrap, shafts, and joint caps! Then Roger, with Voltori, cases asked if he could do a design to match the cue! And his biggest case to date came out!!! These are the finest artists using the best materials available - coming together to make a tribute to the best fighting force ever. And to continue a legacy for the late great Arthur Cantando to come together to complete his last unfinished work. There is one more set of points in the Szamboti family collection that will be Barry's wife cue!!!! This is one of the most desirable collectables in the billiard industry!!!
Thomas Wayne

For collector's looking for that special cue with significant provenance… a fine example is presented here. This is Thomas Wayne's personal four point cue! It is the first complete cue built from scratch with four points, four veneer and Cortland wrap. Not to be found anywhere else on the planet, truly a fantastic find that will come with a letter of authenticity from Thomas himself. Including the back story about how he got started building the short shaft in the first place. The short version: he built the shaft because of the place where he so often played had a short spot… a logical solution and humorous story behind this part of a world famous cue maker's early history!

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