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This Libra cue is extremely rare and known for the extre

mely solid play! These are great cues!!!

Ed Prewitt
Ed Prewitt

This is a very desirable purple heart full splice cue that has abalone and ebony inlay and a hope style. Ed's wait list is 5 years, so here is your chance!
Mike Lambros

This long pointed beauty by Mike is known for the hit. It's a sweet cue at a good price!
Richard Black

The argyle cue - a cue inspired from an argyle sweater and is a great 6 point cue that has a lot of work in it! Great price!
Tim Scruggs
Tim Scruggs

This is a stunning, vintage Scruggs with rare boxed mitered veneer, flame color with a loaded butt sleeve! And good old solid shaft wood. Fancy caps included!
Thomas Wayne
Thomas Wayne

This is an elegant beauty that has intense rings at all the areas with stunning maple burl. This is truly a one-of-a-kind by the front runner in cues!

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