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Here is the sought after "Domino" cue copied by many, but this is the real deal! Three shafts: One original from the early 60s, and two new. This cue has matching joint caps and stunning zebra wood nose!
Jerry McWorter
Jerry McWorter

Here is the "RAZOR." This cue is holly and cocobolo accented with silver. It has the sharpest points of any cue I've seen... That is where the name RAZOR CAME FROM! You will not be disappointed!
Mike Bender
Mike Bender

This is an amazing, 10 point cue with tons of elegant inlays and stunning delicate silver ring work!! Amazing cue at a great price!!
Richard Black
Verl Horn

Here is a monster natural material pointed cue by the late great Verl Horn. All white is natural material. This master cue maker's cues have been put away in collections and every once in a while a good one surfaces. But this is a spectacular one!!! Great investment!
Richard Black

This is a super rare titleist cue. It is made from a 1880s Brunswick red label blank, and adorned with mastodon ivory and real top shelf abalone. These conversions are only made by Richard if you purchase 10 cues from him! So they are very rare! This is a spectacular collectable!
Richard Black

The argyle cue - a cue inspired from an argyle sweater and is a great 6 point cue that has a lot of work in it! Great price!
Ned Morris
Ned Morris

This is the cue that put Ned on the map for cue maker of the year. This is an all hand made, no cnc! This is a beautiful cue that is a definite one of a kind! And at a super price! This cue was also featured in Billiard Digest!
Thomas Wayne
Thomas Wayne

This is an elegant beauty that has intense rings at all the areas with stunning maple burl. This is truly a one-of-a-kind by the front runner in cues!

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