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Joss Cues

These old first gen Joss, when you had 3 greats making them - Bill Stroud, Danny Janes, Tim Scruggs - these have become very desireable!

Here is a sweet Birdseye fancy ring Tad cue. This is a very early one restored by Tad's shop!
Jerry Raunzahn
Jerry Raunzahn

Here is a beautiful wedge cue, with a all natural joint and wedge. These are becoming greatly collectable since Jerry has retired! Put these away!! Great investment!
Joss 1968-72
Joss 1968-72

This 1968-72 cue was made by some of the greats compiled and assembled. These are great collectables and old school hit! This is one of the fancy ones!!
Tim Scruggs

This beautiful vintage Tim Scruggs custom cue is a simple beauty and a great collectable!
AE Cues
AE Cues

This is a beautiful, loaded inlay cue that has an incredible layout, giving this a stunning appearance and a great price!
AE Cues
AE Cues

Here is a beautiful 4 point, 4 veneer traditional looking cue with the playability of the construction. Great cue for the money!
Richard Black

Here is a great cue called the snake wood diamond. This one-of-a-kind is from a world class hall of fame cue maker! It is a bargain! And a great collectable!

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