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Josey Custom Cues
Josey Custom Cues

This is a great cue designed to play super solid! It was made with old growth shaft wood, yellow micarta ferrules added, steel 5/16-14 joint, and air dried bacon and ebony for a super solid cue that hits like a canon, but still moves the ball easily!!!
Samsara Cues
Samsara Cues

Here is a custom 2002 Samsara one-shaft that is sunken treasure wood and has been in a collection for years unplayed!
Thomas Wayne
Thomas Wayne

This first generation, super stiff merry widow with fancy rings and stained birdseye maple forearm is a great player from one of the world's finest cue makers!
Viking Cue
Viking Cue

This is the ultra rare 1970s golden eagle cue! This is a super rare collectable pearl inlaid with wico points. This was made by hand!!

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