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One of a kind Ivory masterpiece made by Germany's finest cue maker--Marcus Dienst of Arthur Cue. This cue has unbelievable detail. Call for more information.

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Richard Black Cues

The long-awaited Tattoo and Tattoo 2. Both come with inlaid Ron Thomas cases. This is one of the most time-consuming cues to make with carved ivory butt and joint, interlaced tattoo design, then shadowed in pink ivory, and finally wrapped in delicate silver work! Pictures don't do this masterpiece justice!!! This is why Richard is one of the only living hall of fame cue makers!! Well deserved!
Thomas Wayne

Thomas does it again - setting the bar so high that it is going to take a lot of catching up to do! "Chateau Veritas," this elegant work of art has vibrant veneer work that weaves over and under itself, coming to a twisted perfect mitre each time and meeting up on a round pallet perfectly to make delicate, arched ivory windows each time. This beauty has over 2000 tiny grapes made from turquoise, lapis azul, mastodon ivory, and red fire opals. The vining is delicate silver and leaves are malachite. Each ring is lacing mastodon ivory and and wavy silver wire that give the appearance of the grapes falling down from the top through the handle into the base!! To give perspective, the width of the ivory in the forearm is 11 mm wide so you can fit some vines grapes veneer and ivory all on the tip of your cue!!
Arthur Cue

Here is a stunning, ivory 3-piece handle cue. It has an ivory joint, butt and points, and silver polished everywhere. Boxes of ebony ivory and silver rings are elegantly done at all the areas to flow the cue from front to back, and high polished silver inlays and outline on the points! This is a show cue all the way. If you are looking for something that is stunning and not too over the top, then this cue from Marcus of Arthur cue is the right one!
Harvey Martin

Here is the super rare ivory handle Martin. But this one is made from 12 billiard balls! It has fancy caps and a Martin case! Also comes with many extra shafts and matching shafts caps!
Bert Schreger

Here is a collaboration from a world class cuemaker and a world renowned painter. This cue is done by Bert Schreger and Jan Su. This cue is a wonderful masterpiece and with Bert no longer making cues, a huge investment piece!
Arthur Cue

This is one of many all-time favorite cues. Incredible sting ray polished wrap just like the katana swords and symbols of protection and prosperity inlaid thru the cue. Also the swords are scrimshawed with dragons and the scabbard is inlaid in the butt! This cue in person is awesome! And you still get the famous playability of the Arthur cue with German engendering!
Paul Mottey

This is the cue that Paul Mottey made to copy one of Ernie's famous cues. Then had a one piece (all natural material handle) that was completly scrimshawed by the master Rashidi with the lady and the dragon (an Asian fable). This cue is an amazing copy of the master. The scrim on this cue cost thousands of dollars alone. This is an amazing cue!

This is a fantastic, elegant ivory cue. This one-of-a-kind masterpiece has silver and ivory veneer with a full ivory butterfly brought together to make a pointed butterfly!! This is one of the most beautiful, clean, and elegant cues from the master cuemaker Ernie Gutierrez of Ginacue!
Harvey Martin

Here is the rarest and most desirable of the Martin era cues! The illusive ivory handle with Birdseye replacement, has 3 shafts, Martin case and caps! This is the real deal!!! Very rare!!!!

This is the finest example of the best works of Jerry McWorter, cue maker of the year 2009. The fine line silver king wraps these beauties with outlined silver and exotic woods into ebony with ivory joint pins! This is the talk of any show or collection! These were made for a world famous collector/billionaire and he displayed them in his billiard room! These functional art works are stunning and playable!
Arthur Cue

Here is the ivory-handled cue for the international cue collector show - a delicately adorned ivory cue with 1,272 tiny hand inlaid pieces! This cue is magnificent in every way! Silver veneer wraps the outside of each ivory point and this cue weighs only 19.1 oz!!! This cue is flawless in every way, and is why Marcus is known as Germany's best!

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