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Cues $15,000 - $19,999
Black Boar
Black Boar

Here is the ultra rare anniversary cue. This is also a super rare 6 point cue that is desired as the best players from the Boar family! This is a stunning beauty accented with top shelf abalone and accented with high polished silver. If you are looking for the rare unicorn to finish off that collection, this is your once in a lifetime chance!!
Philippi Custom Cues

This stunning, 20 point Beauty is loaded with natural material from top to bottom with pre ban tusk! Fancy joint caps and pink natural material rings accent this tight grained natural material handle. With the cost of natural material adding about $10,000.00 to the price of a basic cue, that makes this a ton of cue for the money!
Richard Black
Richard Black

This is one of the most stunning cues called "Merlot". Delicate inlay with gold joint cap, silver butt and joint with morraccan inlay all the way up and into the shafts as a background. The highly ornate inlays made of gold and silver make this one of the best collectables from Richard's!!!
Southwest Cues
Southwest Cues

Here is one of the most ornate South Wests out there. With the six point cues hitting an all-time high, now is the time to grab the real rare!!!
Paul Dayton/Sandra Brady
Paul Dayton/Sandra Brady

This is the finest collaboration between 2 great artist, with the superb playability of Dayton hand made cues! Has the big cats of the world scrimshawed by Sandra Brady! Into a quilted burl forearm with fancy matching joint caps!!! This cue in person grabs the attention of anyone coming across its path!
Richard Black

This incredible beauty is sure to be a show stopper any where at any price!!!
A backdrop canvas of laminated veneers is used for the silver, lapis azure, natural material, and gold inlays in this very unique custom cue. There are five precisely inlaid scales in each row and as the rows progress down the cue, the measurements change accordingly. There are 300 sky blue stones used to accentuate the natural material and ebony inlays juxtapostioned over the inlaid scales in the nose and butt sleeve of the cue. Silver and 18k gold complete this creation!

Arthur Cue
Arthur Cue

This elegant work of art was a people's favorite at the cue show. This one- of-a-kind masterpiece has crossed and swirled silver veneer accented by intense burlwood and stunning ebony. It doesn't get better than this beauty -- a real show piece that hits as well as it looks!

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