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Bob Manzino
Bob Manzino

Here is a stunning rosewood burl nautical theme cue by one of the greatest cue makers alive today! This cue is loaded and has yellow diamonds inlaid into bezel, and has the most stunning burls in this beauty! Bob's production is extremely low and very desirable!
Josey Cues
Richard Black

This is Pixelation - the famous museum cue that has tons of tiny silver connecting the dots!! This was inspired by Richard taking apart his computer, and this is what he came up with!
Gus Szamboti
Gus Szamboti

This is one of the rarest, most desirable cues out there on the market. This is a 1800s Brunswick conversion, sharp points forward and back. This is also a rare, hope style Gus Szamboti and one of 2 made. The other was made for Bill Schick by Gus. It is also a rare bumper-less. This is a cue where less is more!!!!! ...Incredible collectable by hall of fame maker Gus Szamboti. This also has full documentation!
Thomas Wayne
Thomas Wayne

This is the famous Commingling box cue. This has the tightest veneer and stunning work. This beauty is one of the most desirable pieces. With Thomas making only a few cues a year, makes this is an incredible collectable!!!
Thomas Wayne
Thomas Wayne

Here is a stunning 30th anniversary by Thomas Wayne. It is a delicate inlaid beauty with fancy caps and Whitten case!! Great collectable!

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