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Thomas Wayne

For collector's looking for that special cue with significant provenance… a fine example is presented here. This is Thomas Wayne's personal four point cue! It is the first complete cue built from scratch with four points, four veneer and Cortland wrap. Not to be found anywhere else on the planet, truly a fantastic find that will come with a letter of authenticity from Thomas himself. Including the back story about how he got started building the short shaft in the first place. The short version: he built the shaft because of the place where he so often played had a short spot… a logical solution and humorous story behind this part of a world famous cue maker's early history!

This is an ultra rare, gunsight cue with vibrant red veneer. This is a great investment piece and a great addition to any collection! Cue was made in 1967!
PFD Studios
PFD Studios

Here is cabochon inlaid with pearl rounded cabochon that protrude from within the cues to give the 3D look and feel. This is a famous cue that was in books, and a show stopper in the 90s! These are becoming the most desirable investments, because Thomas has set the bar on the new cues that will only pull up his earlier stuff. Thomas is doing things that others only dream of! And he pulls it off… like this in the early 90s. When others were figuring out how to arrange dots and diamonds, Thomas was scalloping around the cue and making it sharp!!! Great collectable investment!

This is made for actor Bob Harvey from the early 1970s. This beautiful 8 point is a great vintage deal!!
Bill Schick
Bill Schick

Awesome ebony into ebony, stunning silver and pearl - you won't find a nicer example!
Richard Black

Here is a vintage crown cue by the world famous, hall of fame cuemaker Richard Black! This is a beautiful early cue loaded with natural material!! Smooth wrap and matching joint caps!!
Arthur Cue
Arthur Cue

Here is a incredible maple burl and African blackwood cue ornately inlaid with all natural materials, including the veneers! This is a great cue from one of the world's finest makers!
Hercek Fine Billiards

This is Joel's first Mother of Pear cue. It is an incredible looker! Beautiful flame color barbells into jet black ebony and full splice points into old growth curly sugar maple for great tone resonation and playability! Joel is one of the gets, after taking over the late great Burton Spain. Joel has spent years perfecting his trade and with a 9 year wait to get one of his beauties, these are great investments! But at Cornerstone, there is no wait!

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