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Here is a case made for Cornerstone - all the frills and beauty
Phil Eastwood Studios

This is the famous "300" case referring to the Spartans. With a Spartan helmet as a case top and a shield body, this is one cool case. By one of the most sought after case makers today!
Rusty Melton

These are well worth the 3-year wait, as the construction is unsurpassed and the tooling is spectacular!!

Here is a spectacular case made from a large crocoile and beautiful tooled leather! This is one fine case!!!
Phil Eastwood Studios / Quivers

This is the coveted quivers case! The peacemaker! Completely tooled and a story in leather!! Great case and a multi year wait -- and they start at $2,500 for a base!
Jack Justis

Here is the ultra rare zebra with mane! This case is tooled accented and inlaid. Signed on bottom #2 of 2!! This is also the desired tube style! Here is your chance to own the rarest of the elite case maker Sir Jack Justis!

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