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One of a kind Ivory masterpiece made by Germany's finest cue maker--Marcus Dienst of Arthur Cue. This cue has unbelievable detail. Call for more information.

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Gus Szamboti
Weight: 21.2 oz
Condition: Excellent
Length: 57"
Joint: 5/16-14 Btass

Shafts: 1 orig 12.7mm x 2 non orig 13mm

Wrap: Cortland #9
This is the rarest of the rare (the fanciest titleist Gus made): 1) The brass joint is extremely rare, 2) Titleist was not the norm for Gus as he prided himself in his point work!, 3) The amount of work put into this piece made this something special! This is a fantastic piece of billiard history.
Price: $19,500.00!
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