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Thomas Wayne
Date Added: 4/25/2016
Weight: 19.8 oz
Condition: Excellent
Length: 58"
Joint: 3/8-11
Shafts: 13 mm
Wrap: Leather
Here is cabochon inlaid with pearl rounded cabochon that protrude from within the cues to give the 3D look and feel. This is a famous cue that was in books, and a show stopper in the 90s! These are becoming the most desirable investments, because Thomas has set the bar on the new cues that will only pull up his earlier stuff. Thomas is doing things that others only dream of! And he pulls it off… like this in the early 90s. When others were figuring out how to arrange dots and diamonds, Thomas was scalloping around the cue and making it sharp!!! Great collectable investment!
Thomas Wayne
Thomas Wayne
Thomas Wayne
Thomas Wayne
Thomas Wayne
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